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can't find a point for this comm, so I'll make one.


all you at ASMS... the school year's just about to end. One more day of classes, and then exam week, and then summer break.

how's everybody taking it?

I keep doubting that it will even happen. I've gotten so used to being here that my mind won't comprehend the idea of staying at home for over a month. seems to me like the vacation we're all looking forward to is gonna be a couple weeks at the most, and then we'll be back at school... but perhaps that's just me, eh?
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The reason this community doesn't have a point is because it's founder, omegix, realized that there was already another ASMS community, 12plus1,...so everyone's over in that one, since it came first.
*nod* thanks

although having a community purely for current students would be a neat idea.
hmmm...nah, i don't see there being too much advantage in the division...and more than a few disadvantages.

see the current listbot incarnation for an example, i'm really not a fan of it's two tiered structure.

I only log into the listbot about once a year.
Is there anything going on worth reading about?

The advantage wouldn't really be for us, as much as the current students. If there was a UAH board I wouldn't want to read it if its main posters had already graduated and moved away.
Nope, listbot is mainly just a bunch of alums in our private world and few to no active current students, because the non-alumni side of things looks barren and empty. The main problem being that it was a certain niche group of alums who started it and remained active.

By contrast, I don't know over half of 12+1's members personally. And in terms of current to alumni ratio I think it's well ahead of Listbot. I'd like to encourage that diversity, rather than separate alumni from currents.

I just feel that any community geared toward just currents will ultimately have problems...seniors graduating will stay in the community to keep in touch with friends (their juniors, now seniors)...incomings will see the community as geared toward just that group and not participate as freely...and you wind up with something akin to what happened to the Listbot.

That said, if some current wants to take this community and make it one for nothing but currents...I'm not neccessarily opposed to the idea.

But yeah, we think about this shit too much