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a thought

you know, I suddenly had the thought that somebody on this community could be assigned (or perhaps not and have it be a general thing) to post up general news things pertaining to the current year of ASMS

like.... sophomorus's and junior's have to be moved in by this and that date, and changes for fall schedules have to be sent in by August 8... and these and that events are on whatever dates. dunno, something like that.

might be helpful as a reminder for those who already know, and those who haven't gotten such notices that they would then know...
what do you people's think? (the person sure wouldn't be me tho... XP I'm completely clueless as to everything, since I never got anything in the mail... I moved in last year just plain by ear, and came in late and got to have everybody stare at me xDD and I never got a student handbook either *shrugs* )
so yea.
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