Jeff Cotten (omegix) wrote in asms,
Jeff Cotten


If you can read this post, and would like to continue reading posts here,
please comment to this.

Include your name and the year you graduated.

After 1 week, those who have not commented will be removed from this list.

~The Management
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Kimberly Muse
c/o 94
mary markushewski
c/o 2004

how old are you?


14 years ago

anna minkinow c/0 2004

have you left asms for good?
how old are you?
Amanda Gosnell... would've been c/o 2003... but yeah, I blame it on the hampster... and before you ask I'm 18... I was blackeyefish's roommate our Junior year... got "asked to leave" halfway through my senior year for reasons I'm sure some of you know... but yeah, I'm interested :-) so please let me into you guy's club thingy... I'm still kinda confused about all of this stuff... thanks, manda
christina howe, c/o 2002

i wish i had a witty comment...
Brittany Burnett class of 05

also, what is your age, and have you left asms for good, or are you still attending?
17 soon...stil attending
Kristal Webb c/o 2006
mary corinne bernadette o'gorman

Re: ASMS-er


14 years ago

Re: ASMS-er


14 years ago

Anna Gardberg
Inaugural Class (1993)
I'm 28, why the interest in ages?

Eventually I'll get around to figuring out how to make messages posted in this community available only to certain people. this board will likely become closed to anyone that is not an alumni of the school.

there is a better board, 12plus1 that is used frequently and open to anyone connected to asms.
I go ta ASMSA right now. I'm A junior. 16/f. Hi!

When you say ASMSA, are you referring to the Arkansas School of Math Science and the Arts?
im bret c/o 2004 so graduated... yea....

added :)
i'm chris c/o 2004. alumni now.
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